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Honest Evil Angel Review

Evil Angel is one of the most praised and awarded production companies in the world of adult entertainment. Because their movies were so successful and the people kept wanting more and more, the company started their own network on which their members can enjoy original and exclusive productions. The porn available on this site is both hardcore and professional, making it ideal for your next adult entertainment source. If you were a member of any of the major porn networks of the moment, you surely admired the work of this company, because they produced videos for all of them. However, the collection that I am about to detail in the following segments of this review, features material that can’t be found anywhere else. But the quality of Evil Angel’s content is not the only thing for which you should join their online community. The collection is also considerably large and the additional services offered by the site will help you achieve the perfect porn user experience. Features like navigation, billing, discretion and nonetheless the pricing of their memberships are reasons for which any men should join this site. You can read all about them in the following paragraphs.

The website

I like the shady and dark design of Evils Angel’s member area, because it puts you in a kinky mood and it goes well with the name of the site. However, the dark background is just the default color scheme of the site. You will be able to change it to a brighter white interface with just a click of a button. The professionalism can be seen in every aspect of Evil Angel, not only in their porn videos. Because of that professionalism, they invested in the quality of their servers and in the development of a neat interface, which results in an optimal navigation. The pages are loading super-fast, both when accessed on computers and mobile devices. Because we live in the smartphone era, the interface of the site was redesign to be as responsive as possible on mobile devices with touch screen technology. But what increases the pleasure when navigating this site is the level its level of organization. The pages and content are nicely arranged, so that every user can find his way around the huge collection of porn available. Filters, tabs and searching tools will be put at your disposal to help you reach the kind of video you are in the mood for, in no time. I also like the simplistic and minimalist approach of Evil Angel, which choose to go with a ad and banner free website. The only banner on the site is the header, which features the hottest stars in some really naughty scenes. Other than that, you won’t be annoyed by any useless features. Evil Angel designed its site under the motto “less is more” and they did a swell job.

The Collection

As I said, if you are familiar with the mainstream porn scene, you surely saw some movies or some teaser clips, produced by the Evil Angel studios. They are the top producers of the internet and the company became famous for a daring strategy that paid off eventually. When Evil Angel started to extend, someone came with the idea of taking the best porn stars and proposing them a producer contract. That’s how they end us pith producers such as Belladona, Dana Vespoli, Natcho Vidal, Aiden Star or Bobbi Star. When you hear their names, you automatically assume that they are porn stars. In fact, some of them are not even performing anymore. For example, Belladona has gave up being in porn, because she discovered that she can do a much better job behind the camera. The fact that Evil Angel uses some of the kinkiest porn stars as directors and producers, results in the kinkiest collection. At the moment, the site features over 1,800 DVDs. Considering that each DVD has about one hour and 30 minutes of action, the amount of porn you’ll get with this site is incredible. On top of that, the collection also includes about 5,000 galleries, each containing about 50 pictures. The entire content of Evil Angel is available for download and there are no limits or extra charges when it comes to saving these movies and keeping them to yourself forever, even after the membership expires.


3 Day Trial Membership – $1.00
1 Month Membership – $9.95
3 Month Membership- $15.32/mo
12 Month Membership – $7.95/month

The Pornstars

Since Evil Angels uses famous porn stars as directors and producers behind the camera, imagine what they use in front of the camera. I think is safe to assume that this company works with the elite of the porn world. All the famous porn stars you watched on other sites are here. Over 3,500 chicks and stallions are featured in this collection and all of them can be checked out in the model index of the site. When you browse the porn stars of evil angel, you can do so based on several criteria, including the last added, the best rated and in alphabetical order. What I like about their model index is that it features both ladies and male porn stars, plus, they have an option which will let you include the shemale performers in search results. Each porn star has his or her own Evil Angel profile, which you can like or unlike. On that profile you’ll find every scene or gallery in which a certain lady performed, but there are no stats or bio info displayed, except the number of videos and the number of fans that accessed a porn star’s page.

The memberships

Even if this is top quality porn, the fact that it’s coming straight from the source makes it really affordable. For $39.95 you can have this entire collection for a month. If you choose to stay with the site longer than that, the monthly price will drop. If you become a member of Evil Angel for 3 months you’ll pay only $45.95, billed in one installment. If you choose the one year membership, you will pay only $7.95, billed one time as a $95.40 payment. These money won’t bring you bonus sites, but the standalone collection of Evil Angel is big enough to justify the price. More than that, the collection gets bigger every day, because the site ads at least 7 videos a week. The billing is discrete and the payments are safe. The only thing you need to take care of is the one pre checked cross-sale on the site. Other than that, you’re safe.

The conclusion

There are many reasons for which you should become a member of Evil Angel, but the main one is the fact that it offers the best porn on the internet. I’ve seen just a couple of other studios that put so much work and passion in their production, but the results are incredible. If you want to convince yourself by the quality of Evil Angel before you choose one of the paid memberships that will grant you full access, you should choose the limited trial membership and have 3 days of limited access on the site for $1.00. After that, you will reach my conclusion: Evil Angel is worthy of both your time and money.

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